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Two day Workshop held during March 2012

Prokon saw it fit to organize a two day workshop for its personnel on the 13th and 14th of March 2012. The event started with reading and prayer where after Henry van Deventer discussed the financial situation of Prokon.

Ms Pretorius of APAC explained what APAC stands for and Prokon’s commitment therein. She gave reasons why an APAC count must be done on the market and how important it is to the producer, the Market and the Department. The importance of absolute accuracy, effectiveness, steps that must be followed and the taking of photos. She also explained the credit sales and the importance of written proof thereof. The Agent must sign by everything that the inspector does.

Because Prokon does the inspections of potatoes on all the fresh produce markets, it is important that every inspector follow the potato regulations. Practical evaluations was done to see if the inspector can identify the defect, do the correct classification and apply the regulations and colour plate book correctly, right marking requirements and re-inspection of the potatoes on the market floor, and all the procedures thereof was discussed in detail to establish uniformity on each market and retrain those who still have certain difficulties with certain aspects. Problems that occur on the different markets were also discussed and solutions were reached on how to solve the specific problems.  Other responsibilities that the inspectors have, for instance stone and pome fruit inspections, DC inspections, QA on markets, Subtrop; Mango and Litchi inspections with reports that must be set up and sent out on time, Pack house training, pack house visits ect. was discussed with the inspectors.

Mr Renier Strydom explained the preservation of the core business and the application of the new potato regulations. The correct methods, application of the potato regulation and directives. Practical exercises were performed on sample potatoes, first by knowledge and then by applying the colour plate book and regulations. Open discussions was held by all Quality Controllers and Regional managers to see if everybody did the right applications.

Conclusion: This year the training session with the inspectors was very successful due to the input of APAC, ASA and the contributions of each and everybody that attend. Every inspector is positive for great results this year.

All work and no play make everybody very hungry and tense, so a great drumming evening was organized for everybody’s entertainment. Everyone had lots of fun participating in drumming, laughing, singing and dancing.   

This year’s workshop was a great success.